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Sometimes seeing is believing. 
While we can tell you all we're able to do, sometimes it's better to see, in words and pictures, examples of our work. 
We are very fortunate to have wonderful clients who are willing to say a good word for us.  We thank them for the extra effort they spent in writing about their experiences in working with us, and allowing us to pictorially document the improvements made.

One recent client job was a whole-house clean-out and staging project in North Arlington.  Here is Richard's review of our work:

"Karen and Veronica are very experienced and thoughtful organizers. They helped sort through, pack and move the belongings of an older sibling, who had suddenly moved to a nursing home, leaving her home in disarray. They were the primary point of contact to clean out and stage the house before putting it on the market. It was a very challenging project, for many furnishings, clothes and other belongings had accumulated for years. They went through everything with great sensitivity, selecting belongings that would still be of use, carefully preserving those items that would be meaningful to family and friends, arranging for the sale of other items, and organizing charities to receive the rest. They maintain relationships with charities throughout the DC region, and can recommend places where contributions will do the most good. They also know how to stage a home for sale; the house sold in one week! Their rates are reasonable and their work is most effective. They were a great pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for any similar project you may have."

From Ellen:
"These ladies are amazing. They helped me declutter and manage improvements to my whole house on a strict timeline. We made our targets and now my house is on the market. It was tough work, but Karen and Veronica kept the momentum going and made it fun in the process. We managed it all: decluttering every room, painting, refinishing floors, renovating bathrooms, basement improvements, carpet cleaning, donation and trash trucks, - the whole thing. I am happy to share some of the before and after pictures of my home's transformation!"

Family Room (BEFORE) 

Family Room (AFTER)

Dining Room (BEFORE)

Dining Room (AFTER)

Kitchen (BEFORE)

Kitchen (AFTER)

From Iris:
"I am delighted with the work that Great Falls Organizers have done in my home.  Karen and Veronica helped us tackle our pantry, garage, and basement storage areas.  The difference is wonderful! "
PANTRY BEFORE (picture taken after the 2nd shelf was cleaned out):
PANTRY AFTER (Culled and organized):
Though we didn't get "before" pictures for the other areas of the storage area, here are "after" shots:

This was a short project, accomplished in just 4 hours of sorting, decluttering, and culling.  The client pulled all out-dated and wrong-sized items and boxed them for charity, leaving only the items that fit and would be used.  The materials costs were a mere $60 for the colorful bins (source: Target).  Now everything's organized and within reach.  Plus, the piles are gone so they don't pose a threat to topple onto the client when she pulls something out.
FROM PAM, GREAT FALLS (No pictures, unfortunately):
"Karen and I became friends as so many of us do, through our children.  As I got to know her I realized how smart, savvy and funny she is and how much I enjoyed our time together.  I mentioned that I was planning for a series of mega-celebrations the following year (graduation party, graduation ceremony, surprise 50th birthday party and a long visit by overseas friends) that would bring a flood of out-of-town company needing a place to stay.  While I was not at all daunted by the entertaining part, the thought of where to put people in our house was terrifying.  I mentioned to Karen that the logical place to house folks was our finished basement. However, the basement was chocked full with toys, games and projects that had accumulated over the years.  The basement had become the repository for 15 years worth of no-longer-needed but not-quite-ready-to-be-parted-with stuff from my kids' childhoods.  I was a bit stymied on where to begin, but I told Karen that my goal for that fall and winter was to clear it out.  Without missing a beat, Karen said that she would be happy to help and it would be a way for us to visit at the same time.  She told me about a number of large scale projects she had worked on in the past, including emptying her childhood home after her mom passed away, and how she methodically went about achieving the goal of clean up.  Her enthusiasm and determination to get me started (and finished) on this project was infectious and I couldn't wait to begin.  Karen provided me references for consignment shops, large flea markets and how to list things like the old basement furniture on Craigslist so that I could feel good about re-purposing items that still had valuable life to give. It was fantastic!  We had several more sessions like this and gradually I began to see light (and available space) at the end of the tunnel.   
On our first session, Karen arrived with a van full of empty boxes.  She set out our goal for the day and we settled on a time limit so I would not get so overwhelmed during the first day that there would never be a second session.  As we began, Karen helped me identify things that required sorting or review and those that could simply be discarded.  We labeled boxes for donation, trash, things to be sorted by the kids and things to keep.  We filled up several 30 gallon trash bags and 2 huge stacks of boxes.  We hauled much of it out of the basement and into the living room so that I would be reminded every day to be in touch with a donation pickup service, which I did in a matter of days.  
I would highly recommend Karen and Great Falls Organizers for anyone that is desperate to reclaim space in their home, office or business but just doesn't know where to begin.  Although I was desperate to get the basement done, getting started on my own was hard.  One of the toughest things for me was remaining objective about whether something needed to be kept or tossed.  These were the memories of my kids growing up after all.  Because she didn't have the same emotional attachment, Karen was able to help me reason through why it was time for some things to go.  At the same time, she was sensitive and perceptive about why something else might be retained even though its utility seemed questionable.  Karen was very organized and thorough and never judgmental about the state of basement. She offered nothing but support and encouragement that 'we could do it' no matter what the 'it' was.  And we did.  I had a summer-full of company sleep in the basement with no complaints about space. 
Then disaster struck.  We suffered a broken pipe in the basement ceiling which flooded much of the basement.  Thank goodness we had cleared out a lot already and had fortuitously moved things into an area of the basement not immediately wet.  But, the entire basement needed to be refinished.  Walls were ripped down, carpet removed and all of the walls and ceiling had to be repainted after the plumbing repairs were complete.  This was 6 months before the graduation events were to begin, but not quite a month before a large holiday party for 100 people.  I felt pretty capable of managing the restoration company to get the physical repair work done in time, but was stressing over how to get the refurnishing/decorating done.  Again, Karen didn't flinch.  She helped me pick out paint and carpet and went with me to find new furniture.  Inside of a month, the basement had new walls, fresh paint and carpet, and new comfy furniture, just in time for our party."
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